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CONTENTS №5 - 2010

Theory and methodology

  • Chalov R.S. Long-term restructuring of natural bars in the lowland river 

Shift of the natural bars along the bar sections of lowland rivers and the accompanying changes of velocities and morphology are discussed considering such factors as position of natural bars against the channel forms, stability of the channel and water amount for particular years. Principal regularities of restructuring of relatively stable natural bars were revealed, the main causes being the advance of point bars from the upstream sections, shift of the natural bar trough from the upper point bar to the lower one, alternate formation of channels near the midstream sandbanks, changing configuration of channel forms, etc. The importance of studying the long-term restructuring of natural bars for different sectors of economy related to rivers is underlined.

Methods of geographical studies

  • Timonin S.A. Mathematical-cartographic and geoinformational modeling of demographic processes in the regions of the Russian Federation 

Possible applications of cartographic methods for the investigation of demographic processes in the RF are discussed. Definition of the maps of demographic characteristic of the population is suggested, as well as the classification of demographic maps. Methods of complex and synthetic maps compilation are described, such as development of table-type legends, elaboration of integral indices and evaluation classifications, and modeling of typological synthetic parameters. A cartographic web-application Demography was developed using the series of maps and the database compiled by the author. Both maps and the web-application could be used for support of decision-making in the sphere of optimization of demographic and migration processes in Russia. They are also useful for a wide range of users taking interest in the demographic development of the RF regions.

  • Stepanov I.V. Application of remote sensing of the Earth for earthquake forecasting 

The article deals with earthquake forecasting on the basis of space monitoring data. A method of earthquake forecasting has been developed which uses cloud seismic indicators easily revealed on space images as the earthquake precursors. A system of space monitoring of the earthquake zones is suggested.

Geography of world economy

  • Sokolsky V.M. International division of labor in chemical industry 

International division of labor in the world chemical industry under the globalization processes is discussed, as well as its changes, such as the growing role of developing countries at the world markets of chemicals, leveling out of differences in the intra-sectoral specialization of the countries of different types, etc. It was revealed that these trends are in poor agreement with the centre-peripheral paradigm, thus raising the problem of the elaboration of new concepts.

  • Eliseev G.P., Tkachenko T.Kh. Geographical aspects of competitiveness of export products of iron-and-steel industry in the CIS countries 

The role and position of the RF and the CIS countries at the world steel market are analyzed. The study of the geography of steel exports from the CIS countries made it possible to identify regional markets which are the most important for them. Export specialization of the CIS countries (steel-semi-products) was reasoned basing inter alia on the spatial pattern of the sector. Degree of consolidation in iron-and-steel industry and the structure of Russian metallurgical holding companies are discussed as important factors of competitiveness. 

  • Pankratov I.N., Fedorchenko A.V. Typology of countries according to their role and involvement in the world clothing industry 

An effective application of the typology method in industry studies is not an easy task because of the complicated international division of labor under the present-day globalization processes. To distinguish different types of countries according to the level of their involvement into the international division of labor in a certain industry a number of indicators need to be analyzed. The article suggests a possible algorithm of such analysis taking the world clothing industry as an example.

Regional studies

  • Evseev A.V., Krasovskaya T.M. “Hotspots” of the Russian Arctic

Methods of identification and systematization of the centers of environmental stress, or hotspots, on land and in the coastal waters of the Russian Arctic are described. The quantitative analysis of the degree of adverse environment impact made it possible to identify the so-called priority hotspots, and the projects of their rehabilitation were suggested. The database includes about 100 hotspots with their characteristics. 

  • Badyukova E.N., Zhindarev L. A., Lukyanova S.A., Solovieva G.D. Structure of the root section of the Curonian Spit 

The southern section of the Curonian Spit situated in the south-eastern part of the Baltic Sea is described. The thorough analysis of the geological and geomorphologic structure of the spit suggests that within this section it is a part of the pre-Holocene coastal fluvioglacial plain rather than an accumulative bar formed during the Holocene by waves and wind.

  • Obolenskaya E. V. Zoogeographical features of the south-eastern part of the Transbaikal region

Zoogeographical features of the south-eastern part of the Transbaikal region were revealed basing on the analysis of publications and collections, as well as the results of the author’s field studies. The list of small mammals was revised and the areas of all species inhabiting the region were ascertained. It was found out that predominant species of small mammals of the south-eastern part of the Transbaikal region belong to three distribution types, i.e. taiga species entering from the north, steppe species entering from the south and the species widely occurring within the steppe zone of the south-eastern part of the Transbaikal region. The barrier role of the Shilka and Onon rivers which block the dissemination of a number of species was revealed.


  • Jubilee of Galina Nikolaevna Ogureeva
  • Jubilee of Maria Innokentievna Gerasimova 
  • To the 80th birthday of Pavel Andreevich Kaplin
  • To the 75th birthday of German Sergeevich Ananiev 
  • To the 75th birthday of Konstantin Konstantinovich Edelshtein 

New books

  • Kravtsova V.I., Chalova E.R. First manual on touristic maps 
  • Dobrovolsky G.V., Stasyuk N.V. First set of training aids for the Space Methods of Soil Investigation course
  • Makhinov A.N. Major contribution to the study of geography and geoecological state of river channels and floodplains of northern Eurasia 

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